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Ace Alligator™
Starks Academy’s Early Learning Kit!
  1. Hide-A-Ace Game App [the App Store] – for those long hot Summer Vacation Trips
  2. Travel/Trip Songs – Music Video songs on Starks Academy Channel – YouTube 
  3. Dry Erase Traceable Laminated Cards – buys time from kids begging you to entertain them
  4. Ace Plushie Stuffed Alligator – soothes those sad eyes and crocodile tears from baby
If you are a parent seeking better learning experiences for your littles before breaking the bank for that college fund, put our learning kit on your child’s birthday gift list or baby shower registry. What friend or family member wouldn’t just LOVE giving your littles a a bigger brighter future with a “Lifestyle of Learning and a Wealth of Education!”

Ready for SUMMER?

We found the Cure for those Summer Time Blues 🙁

Whether you need to steal a minute for yourself or get them to sit still for 5 minutes, (FREE/GRATIS) give them access to our KidSafe YouTube – Starks Academy Channel for Music Video fun STARRING ACE ALLIGATOR and his “Harvest Time” and “Blast Off Outer Space” songs! Add minutes to their countdown by getting them write on/wipe off “Dry Erase, Traceable Ace” animal alphabet drawing cards.

Learning Resources – to keep them tickled pink with fun and games!

  • Children’s Easy Reading Books – English/Spanish for Pre-K thru Grade School
  • Search-A-Word with 26 of Ace’s most loveable friends from the Animal Kingdom
  • Coloring Pages – PDF printouts to be used with color pencils, crayon, or markers
  • Paper Puppet Crafting – creates great bonding experiences
  • Book Authoring & Reporting Templates – for those non stop story tellers
Get a taste of our alliterated phonics styled curriculum pack. NEW books to add to growing library!
Starks Academy’s Early Learning Resources Kit for Newborns to age 3, give your kiddo their 1st introduction to learning before they even reach Pre-K. Your infant will love hugging our Plush Stuffed Ace Alligator. Your One year old will draw closer to the sound of your voice as you read our “Ace Alligator Loves Apples” at bedtime as they nestle down to sleep. Your two year old will paw at the beautifully illustrated colors as they identify shapes and familiar objects from our books.
If you are one of the front line heroes educating youth either at home or on campus, get in touch with your school administrator NOW and tell them you want the “Ace Alligator Early Learning Kit” from Starks Academy and they will write up a Purchase Order and you don’t even have to come out of your own pocket to scrape up the funds. Direct them to this page to inquire about our Special Education and Bilingual tools.

*Note: All School District educators, we are a Certified HUB within the State of Texas and an Awarded vendor with REGION 13 & 20, and Northside ISD’s. All procurement specialists and purchasing agents, we provide answers to all of your Purchase Order needs and boy do we deliver. VIEW the “Info Vid” in the Footer of this site for more items.

Starks Academy has all the educational resources to help children become World Changers!

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