Ace the Early Reading Alligator COURTESY of Starks can be found on instagram @acealligator or youtube on the StarksAcademy Channel.


  Starks Academy early learning educational resources with their reading, writing, books, songs, and games, is not a school, but a valued, family-run early education reading tools and educational resources provider for home-school parents and on-line educators with PreK aged children up to age 8.  TRY every one of our books, traceable letters, songs, or games and see your child’s eyes “Light up with Learning(TM)”  


  The Stark’s collection of ABC Alphabet books entitled “Ace Alligator Loves Apples,” and “Ace Alligator and Friends A to Z Read with Me” slowly transitions your newborn from cutely cooing at the bright colored images and shapes on its gloss coated pages, then leads them into reading with confidence like a champ by ages 2-3. As their Traceable Ace Write and Erase (TM) teaches them correct penmanship and they’re on their way to learning definitions and sharing their expert knowledge by age 5 thru 8.  We know that your child will love all of our learning resources.  Through song/movement on Youtube; they will love, learn, & laugh with new friend Ace.  We can’t wait to see you via social media or at our next parade traveling down Main Street.

Starks Academy Early Education Resources along with NEW Friend Ace Alligator and Friends is dedicated to early childhood education, and we have a special offer!
Our three-book bundle of “Ace Alligator”the early reading series offered in English and Spanish, is now available for less than forty dollars.  Their highly coveted Dry Erase Traceable ABC alphabet training cards is also available for twelve dollars.
Perfect for Pre-K to 3rd Grade schools, districts, day-care, and in home schools, and parents seeking a bigger, brighter, better start to their child’s education.
From Infants to age eight, Ace Alligator and his 25 loveable friends provides an interactive fresh start to building a child’s reading confidence.  And Starks Academy had educational resources to help children excel.
*For All IDS District employees/procurement agents, special Govt. purchase rates/discounts may apply just text 210-802-2015.
*For all other teachers, parents, grandparents, relatives, family & friends “CLICK the GREEN BUY NOW” button below!
Offer Ace Alligator 3 Book Bundle and our A,B,C Dry Erase Traceable Ace Alligator Cards