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Back 2 School or welcome Home!

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topics Covered

Commom Core

Our 9 Common Core principles ensure that all Early Ed Children receive a standard education.

Industries Served

*Texas Education Agency *ESC Region 20
*Children's Youth Services-JBSA
*Dept. of Health Services
NAICS 51113
*NEW Moms/Dads/Grandparents

get control

Start with celebrating your child's efforts, read to them. Mimic you they will. They will then develop that spark for reading.

become unique

Each child learns at a different pace. If you force reading upon them or make reading hard, they will forever push literacy away. Make reading fun and they will embrace it for generations.

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Cool Number

Respect for children’s education.  He is a fun-loving mascot and a calming/caring representation of all that is good about education and entertainment.

Ace Alligator

Character spotlight

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